Buy USPS Postage at a Discount for Wedding Invites

Of the many wedding related expenses that Real Gospodina and I have to cover, one that we didn’t expect to pay below cost for was postage. We need a lot of stamps to send our save the date cards, invitations, and thank you notes, so any bit of savings helps. Thus far we’ve saved money by stacking promotional offers, cashback from shopping portals, and American Express offers.

The only difficulty is in finding merchants that both sell postage stamps online and have available offers. A shortlist of retailers is Office Depot/OfficeMax, eBay, and Boxed. We have purchased stamps from the latter two, but wouldn’t hesitate to buy from Office Depot/OfficeMax given the right offer.

Office Depot/Office Max Permalink

Office Depot sells USPS Forever Stamps in coils of 100 for $47 (at cost) with free store pick up.

There was a targeted $20 off $100+ Amex offer this past September that cardholders could possible take advantage of. By purchasing two rolls of postage and adding a filler item you’d save $18.80 on your $94 worth of postage.

A quick look through cashback portals for Office Depot/OfficeMax reveals restrictive terms on purchasing postage and/or picking up in-store, oddly enough.

eBay Permalink

The USPS has an official eBay store and they sell a myriad of different postage denominations and products. We are interested in the Forever Stamps (47¢) and postcard stamps (34¢) that they sell in rolls of 100 with an additional cost of $1.25 for standard shipping.

In the past year eBay has had flash sales of $10 off $50 and $15 off $60. If you purchased one roll each ($82.25 including shipping) and went through a cashback portal for eBay (1% back), you’d get $81 worth of postage for $71.53 or $66.58 (depending on the flash sale offer). Or buy only one roll and find a filler item or two to exceed the minimum of the flash sale.

Boxed Permalink

Boxed sells 100 Forever Stamps for $51.99 with a limit of one per order. Amex has had both $15 and $20 off $50+ offers over the past year, which can be stacked with a 10-20% rebate from Ibotta.

With the $15 back from Amex and 15% back from Ibotta we bought $47 worth of stamps for ~$27.75. With a filler item to meet the $50 minimum for the Amex offer the accounting gets a bit wonky spreading the discount over all the items.

A Pretty Good Deal Permalink

With the right offer and a bit of timing it’s possible to save some money on stamps. Has anyone else found a good deal on stamps? Please let us know in the comments as we’re all ears!

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