Ultimate DIY Guide to Exterior Basement Foundation Waterproofing

Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Water damage in your basement? Cracks in your block wall? Lack of social weekend social engagements? With a bit of planning, a modest amount of money for materials, and a whole lot of time and labor, you too can excavate, dampproof, waterproof, insulate, and backfill your foundation.

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Fill the Gap Between a Concrete Patio and House

We’ve noticed water damage in our sunroom, which is bordered on one side by our concrete patio. After a quick investigation we believe that water has entered the gap between the patio and the foundation. If we’re right then that hopefully accounts for the water damage.

The gap in question was previously filled with either fiberboard or concrete crack sealant, but enough of it has deteriorated to conceivably allow moisture in.

To remedy this issue I installed backer rod in the gap that I then covered with concrete crack sealant. This will hopefully be the fix that keeps that wall of the sunroom nice and dry.

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Use Kraft Paper for Natural Weed Cover

One way to discourage weeds from growing in your flower beds is to pair a layer of kraft paper with several inches of mulch.

The kraft paper prevents sunlight from reaching the weeds, retains moisture, and safely biodegrades.

This is obviously not a permanent solution, which is in contrast to using landscaping fabric, a material that lasts for years.

It’s also relatively inexpensive, so even mixed results would be worth the expenditure, so long as one doesn’t mind the extra effort that’s required to use it.

We decided to try it and then wait a year to see if it’s a worthwhile strategy for our landscaping.

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