How We Saved More than 40% Off our Wedding Stationary from

With some planning and a little luck you too can save a whole lot of money on your wedding save the dates, invites, RSVP cards, and thank you notes.

Buy in Advance, During a Sale (Looking at you Cyber Monday) Permalink

This hot tip may seem obvious, but it pays to buy your wedding stationary during a sale. You only need to pick a design and have a rough idea about the number of guests you’ll be inviting. You can customize the design and finish the guest list later. Even if you underestimate the count you can always add to your order in the future, smug with the knowledge that you already saved a significant sum of money.

All that said, be careful about which sale you choose because some are better than others! On Black Friday of 2016 their wedding designs were 15% off,  which is a very good discount. Unfortunately for folks who bought then the discount increased to 20% a few short days later on Cyber Monday. Obviously one can’t foresee the future, but it may pay to wait a few days (or weeks) before putting in your order if you believe that a sale is imminent.

Invite your Bride or Groom-to-be for the $25 Referral Credit Permalink

Minted offers a $25 referral credit (that’s my referral link, btw). Here’s how it works, directly from their website:

  • When you refer friends and they register at Minted, they will get an instant $25 credit in their account.
  • When a friend’s first purchase of $100 or more has shipped, you will automatically receive a $25 credit in your account too.
  • Your $25 credits will keep adding up with every eligible friend you refer, up to a maximum of 100 referrals.

Real Gospodina and I took advantage of this by splitting up our order into two parts. I did the save the dates, while she took care of the invitations and RSVP cards. I sent her the referral link, so she had the $25 credit instantly applied to her order. Her purchase didn’t meet the $100 threshold, so I didn’t get the reciprocal $25 credit, but that was okay by me because we still came out way ahead.

One important bit about fraud from their terms:

  • Minted further reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account of any user it believes is engaged in fraudulent, illegal, or inappropriate conduct in relation to this offer including, without limitation, creating fictitious, alias, or duplicate accounts to obtain credits.

In my opinion (I’m not a lawyer) giving the credit to your future spouse is perfectly fine because that person is definitely real and will be happy to share the burden of creating and paying for your wedding stationary. I hope that Minted agrees!

Redeem an Amex Offer (or Two) Permalink

Occasionally American Express will offer a statement credit for a minimum amount of credit card spend at Minted. Last fall they had a “Spend $100+, get a $30 statement credit by December 12th, 2016” that aligned nicely with our plan to make our purchase(s) during the Cyber Monday sale. Real Gospodina and I have several Amex cards between us and were able to each redeem the credit for our respective purchases.

Take the $10 Express Service Credit Permalink

Our save the dates were postcards (because they’re cheaper!) and we were offered a $10 express service credit to forego design proofs. (I’m unsure which products they offer the credit for). We happily accepted because we weren’t too worried about messing up the design. Real Gospodina and I took our time customizing the design and made extra sure that we both agreed it was done before finalizing the order.

Use a Cash Back Portal Permalink

There are many reputable shopping portals that give a small percentage of your purchase as cash back. For our orders we used different portals and received 8% and 10% cash back, respectively. This is one of the easiest ways to save money because it’s available to use every day of the year. Not going through a portal is leaving money on the table.

Pay with a Credit Card that Gives Cash Back Permalink

There are many credit cards that offer 2% cash back on all purchases and several that are somehow able to increase that to 5%, either via category or on a quarterly basis. Had we not the two Amex credits we would have definitely paid for the two orders with cash back credit cards.

Cost Breakdown for Save the Dates Permalink

Initial Cost: $143.00
Cyber Monday 20% Discount: -$28.60
Express Service Credit: -$10.00
Shipping: $7.95
Total from Minted: $112.35

Amex Credit: -$30
8% Cash back: -$8.99

Save the Dates Total: $73.36 (a savings of 49%)

Cost Breakdown for Invitations and RSVP Cards Permalink

Initial Cost: $324.00
Cyber Monday 20% Discount: -$64.80
Referral Credit: -$25.00
Shipping: $7.95
Total from Minted: $242.15

Amex Credit: -$30
10% Cash back: -$24.21 (we used two different shopping portals, which explains the different rate)

Invitations and RSVP Cards Total: $187.94 (a savings of 42%)

Save Money on Postage Too Permalink

Hey you can Buy USPS Postage at a Discount for Wedding Invites to save even more money!

Did I Miss Any Discounts? Permalink

Even though we did a pretty good job at saving money, I am sure that there are other ways to reduce this (mostly) necessary wedding expense. Anyone out there have any suggestions for buying wedding stationary more cheaply? Should we have done anything differently?

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