The Multi-Purpose Ladder is the Best Ladder for DIY Home Use

One common impediment to tackling do-it-yourself tasks around the house is the inability to access areas that are out of reach. With a versatile ladder (or two) it’s trivial to safely go everywhere you previously couldn’t. The initial investment in a good ladder will quickly pay for itself when you’re no longer hiring out the tasks you can do yourself.

There are many varieties of ladder, but the best one for DIY use is the multi-purpose ladder. Mine has a twenty-two foot reach and has taken me places that a lesser ladder could only dream about. Unsure about what you can do with such a ladder? No worries, I have inspiration for you below the fold.

Reach for the Eaves Permalink

With two multi-purpose ladders and an extension plank you can make safe scaffolding to replace your wooden soffits. With the adjustable telescoping design, the ladders can accommodate uneven terrain and still be level. It’s a nice thing to have when you’re ten feet off the ground and working with power tools.

You can turn the ladder into two scaffolding bases, although the reach height isn’t nearly as high. I bought a second ladder to increase the height of the extension plank, which spans from eight to thirteen feet in length. My reach height with the plank is just over thirteen feet.

Up on the Roof Permalink

A fully extended multi-purpose ladder allows for safe roof access. This opens up a whole world of tasks for the DIY-er, such as installing a ridge vent, cleaning out gutters, or tuck-pointing a chimney.

I use a stabilizer with my ladder for extra safety, although my particular attachment isn’t designed for use with a multi-purpose ladder. Oops. It still works, although it’s a tight fit even with a rubber mallet to assist with securing it to the ladder.

The ladder is heavy, so you may want help in standing it upright. Through trial and error I have learned to only extend the minimum distance required to reach my roof. Once I have it leaning against the gutters I adjust the height of the ladder to meet the recommended angle.

Two Story Foyer (Okay One and a Half) Permalink

A multi-purpose ladder with extension plank makes ceiling repair, even in a multi-story foyer, a very manageable task. One side of the ladder can rest on a step on the stairwell, while the other side rests on the landing. In a bi-level home the plank easily reaches to the built-in planter (really). You can paint the ceiling, swap out the doorbell, and replace the light fixture, amongst a myriad of other tasks.

Multi-Purpose Tray for Stucco Repair and Painting Permalink

The multi-purpose tray is very helpful for holding anything I need while I work from atop the ladder. I’ve put cans of paint on it, my caulk gun with assorted tubes of sealant and adhesives, and any number of hand drills, and pretty much any other tool that’ll fit. It’s a must have accessory for the ladder!

What’s Next for the Multi-Purpose Ladder? Permalink

I will update this post with photos from all the projects that make use of my collection of ladders and ladder accessories.

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