Replace your Door’s Weatherstrip to Keep the Elements Outside

The bottom seal on our external sunroom door had been slowly pulling apart for the past year. This was allowing small bugs and the occasional water to enter into our sunroom. It was also unsightly with the tangled rubber strips laying about the floor. Something had to be done!

The (pretty easy) fix was to replace the door bottom with a new seal so that the weatherstrip would again sit flush with the threshold. No longer would insects and worms have easy entry to the sunroom. Also the bottom of the door looks a lot better too.

Door Removal Tools Permalink

The best way to remove the door from the frame is to pop out the hinge pins with a flat head screwdriver and a rubber mallet.

Remove the Door Hinge Pins Permalink

It’s easier if you keep the door closed while removing the pins.

Set the Door Aside Permalink

Pull the door from the hinges and set on a nearby table. Depending on the weight of the door you may want a second person’s assistance.

Once the door is off you should remove the old bottom seal and buy a replacement at the hardware store.

Don’t Let the Cat into the Sunroom Permalink

Attach the New Door Bottom Permalink

I unfortunately couldn’t find an exact replacement for my seal (and I went to three different big-box hardware stores), so I purchased a “U” shape or “wrap around” door bottom.

A metal track secured the old door bottom, which I decided to leave on the door and cover with the new vinyl seal.

Trim the Door Bottom to Fit Permalink

I used my mini hacksaw to trim the excess length from the new door seal.

Put Door Back on Hinges Permalink

The last step was to put the door back on the hinges and adjust the seal so that it fully covered the gap between the door and the threshold.

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