Part V: Cover and Seal Recessed Lighting to Save Energy

One common source of air leakage in a home is through recessed light fixtures, otherwise known as can lights. They may look nice and illuminate well, but they’re a great conduit for conditioned air to leave the building envelope.

One way to improve home heating and cooling efficiency is to eliminate the passage of air through the recessed lights. The general idea is to cover and seal the lights, which I decided to do with a specialized insulation barrier called CanCoverIt that I sealed into place with spray foam insulation.

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Part III: Illuminate your Attic with LED Lights

There are a lot of tasks to do before adding extra insulation to an attic, especially in an older home. They vary from the easy to the onerous (looking at you attic baffles) and are even more of a pain to complete when the lighting is poor.

To improve the lighting in the attic I stapled a couple of lengths of LED strip lights to the underside of the ridge board. The strips are only plugged into an extension cord while I am working. They can also be removed when I finish insulating the attic, if I choose to do so.

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