Part II: What to Wear When Working with Blown-in Insulation

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Save money by adding blown-in insulation to your attic.

I have spent a lot of time elbow deep in blown-in insulation in my attic, so I am well acquainted with the proper attire needed to get work done up there.

The key piece of advice is to be prepared for the hostile work conditions by covering yourself up. You won’t like being up there, so you should dress in a way that lends itself to efficient work.

Buy these items ahead of time or regret it when you’ve got fiberglass lung and you’re itching all over!

The Getup Permalink

Here is what I wear while I work in my attic:

  • Coverall Suit that includes a hood and booties for my feet. It doesn’t breath very well, so expect to be very sweaty after wearing it for any reasonable amount of time. Also know that these do tear, especially when you’re contorting between ceiling joists and rafters. I’ve gone through three of these due to holes at the ankles and armpits.
  • Multi-Purpose Respirator to keep the insulation fibers from entering my lungs.
  • Safety Goggles that purport to never fog, although I’ve found that claim is false. Unfortunately I often go without wearing them when they become so fogged up that I can’t see.
  • LED Headlamp to illuminate what I’m looking at.
  • Nitrile-Dipped Gloves to make sure that I have a good grip while keeping the insulation fibers from my skin. To that point I wish I could find them with a longer cuff.

Don’t Forget the Shoes Permalink

The shoes I wear were formerly my running shoes and I now use them for just about every task around the house. They do the job!

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